BK Events wants to make scheduling an event space as smooth as possible. Below are some of the most common questions we receive. Not seeing an answer to your question? Please contact us so we can get your event planning started.

What’s the capacity of 26 Bridge?

MAX legal capacity for an event at 26 Bridge is 250 seated and 375 standing.

What’s the rental fee for an event at 26 Bridge?

M-Th $6,000+ dependent on the type function

Fri/Sun $8,000

Sat $10,000

For a 14hr rental of the space 11am-1am.

What dates are still available for rental?

Please email us at for specific availability, we do not have a public calendar due to a dynamic booking schedule.

How do I book a date?

A 50% deposit of the rental fee along with a signed agreement is due at the time of booking.  In addition, we require a $1000 security deposit, which is refunded 30 days after the event, provided there are no damages. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the event along with the $1000 refundable security deposit.

BK Venues accepts check and credit card (VISA / MASTERCARD, with a 2.5% processing fee)

Are there any restrictions on vendors I can use?

We pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating; you may use the vendors of your choice. The only vendors which are exclusive to BK VENUES is Elite Valet for Valet services, Transbeam for WIFI capabilities and Outfit Security for security guard services. We have provided you with a list of preferred vendors, they are preferred because they are familiar with our space. Should you want to incorporate a caterer not on our list, they are required to visit to the space at least one time before the day of your event.

I want to bring in a bunch of cool decorations, are there any restrictions?

There are no décor restrictions except to limit the use of hanging items from the beams to a 100lbs. No drilling, stapling or hammering of any kind is permitted. No damage or demise to the structure will be allowed the day of the event. We are pretty flexible on décor elements brought into the venue as long as they don’t hurt the property in any way.

Do I need to hire an event planner or coordinator?

No a planner/coordinator is not a requirement, however, having one may help. Your caterer may be able to provide these services or you are welcome to pick someone off the list provided, additionally, you are welcome to choose whomever you like to be the logistical point person the day of your event

Am I responsible for clean-up?

BK VENUES will clean the space before and after your event: sweeping, mopping, detailing the bathroom, and taking care of any necessary repairs.

In order to get your full security deposit back, you (or your caterer) must complete the following break down procedures immediately following your event:

  • All Items brought in and used the day of our event must be removed from the premises by 2am following your event. You are not permitted to leave anything on site after the contracted end time of 2am.
    • 26 Bridge Tables and chairs must be folded and stacked against one wall in the main space.
  • The space will be delivered clean and at the end of the night we expect it to be given back in a neat debris free condition.  Broom swept is all that is necessary.

Is there a dressing area onsite?

Yes.  We have 2 rooms in the lower level basement of the venue.

Do I need to provide my own insurance?

We require you to provide a certificate of insurance that covers you and your vendors. Your caterer may be able to add your vendors as additional insured to their policy. We require $2M general aggregate / $1M per occurrence including property damage. Your policy should include Host Liquor Liability if you are serving alcohol.  We recommend should your caterer not be the one providing you with this insurance. The policy will cost approximately $175-$250 and should be provided no later than 3 weeks prior to your event day. Please have a copy of the policy sent to us at, Entity listed as the additional insured is:

Dumbo Loft 155 LLC/Sheva Realty Corp
240 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Is there a kitchen?

There is a kitchen prep area. 26 Bridge includes a 800 sq. ft prep space featuring ample counter space, (1) commercial refrigerator (1) commercial Freezer, (2) sink (3) trash bins; (10) outlets on 3 separate 20-amp breakers as well as (2) separate 220-50amp outlet and (1) separate 220-30 amp outlets. Caterers may opt to bring in additional cooking equipment, sternos, proofer cabinets, table top ovens, stand alone convection ovens and commercial fryolators for use in the kitchen prep space as cooking elements. (1) 200 gallon Ice maker is also included, however, ice should be supplemented for guest counts of 120 or greater. Garbage bags should be provided by your caterer and additional garbage bins should also be rented, should they be necessary the day of your event.

Where do my guests park?

There is no parking garage/onsite parking included in the rental of the venue. There is a parking garage: Park Kwik located on 20 Jay st. BK NY 11201. Should your guests need a valet service, the only approved valet vendor for use at any of our properties is ELITE VALET, Mike Flynn, Valet: Elite Parking and Events 516.640.5058

Do you provide any furniture?

We have the following items included with the rental of the venue:

(220) Dark Brown Chauvari chairs with a leather cushion

(25) 60” round banquet tables

(12) 30” round height adjustable cocktail tables

Does the building have heat and A/C?

Yes, they are powerful units that control temperature efficiently.

When can we get in to set up?

As per the contract you will have access to the venue as early as 11am.

When is the latest our guests can be here for the party? How much time do we have for vendor load out and clean up?

The guest portion of the event must conclude by 1am. We provide you with an extra hour from 1am-2am for vendor load out and clean up. At 2am the space will be locked with a cleaning crew preparing the space for the following days scheduled event.

Can I leave items or rentals overnight for next day pick up?

All of our venues must have all items used during the event day removed form the venue by the end of the contracted end time, 2am.

Do you have an outdoor space?

No, there is no outdoor component associated with the venue except for a load-in dock that can hold approximately 4 vehicles. This space can be used by your caterer for open flame cooking equipment.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not permitted within the venue.

Are candles allowed?

No open flames are permitted on premises as it is a landmark building.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there are no stairs leading to the venue and there are handicap stalls in both the mens and womens restroom

After I book 26 Bridge can I schedule additional site visits to the space?

Yes, you are welcome to schedule site visits to the venue after you have booked the space. Once a date has been secured you will have direct correspondence with our event space managers to help facilitate any onsite visits necessary for the planning of your event

What staff is provided by BK VENUES on the event day?

A facilities manager will provide you with access to the space the morning of your event and troubleshoot any infrastructural issues that may arise. (Plumbing, Heating/cooling, electrical). This facilities manager can also sign for a delivery to the venue the day of your event. You will be provided contact information for the facility manager for the duration of the event.

Does the event space come with free WiFi?

WiFi is not included. If you are looking to offer Wifi to your attendees you must contact Transbeam/GTT. Contact information is listed below:

Transbeam | GTT

Can I schedule a rehearsal at the venue prior to my event day?

Rehearsals and site visits are subject to change based on the dynamic booking schedule at the property. We may be able to accommodate a visit to the space as long as it doesn’t interfere with a booking at the premises. The only way to guarantee a visit weeks in advance is to rent the entire day at the property.

Does my caterer need to do a site visit?

Caterers that are not on our preferred vendor list are required to visit the location at least once before the event day. They are required to confirm compatibility of items being rented and brought in to the location with the infrastructure provided. The caterer is responsible for assessing power and outlet compatibility at the premises their services are being provided prior to the event day.

Are there any items not permitted at the premises?

No rice, confetti, smoke machines are allowed on the premises.

Can I use propane or a flame grill at the property?

No propane or grilling allowed on the premises, other than in the load-in dock.

Do you have any exclusive vendors we are required to use?

Valet, Security, WIFI are all provided by exclusive vendors if these services are required. Contact information is:

Outfit Security and Staffing

Elite Parking and Events

Transbeam | GTT